guess who

  1. any guesses as to who this is;)
  2. a round Birkin?
  3. isnt that burberry?
  4. :shocked:

    i just noticed the closure
  5. ^^^ding ding ding (you were right missbabydolce)
  6. LOL nuh-uh!
  7. is it just me or is EVERYONE making a homage to Hermes?
  8. LOL maybe thats in the near future, a birkin Hobo! :nuts:
  9. I bought US September Vogue, and I swear it had five different Hermes "inspired" bags by other's amazing, huh?
  10. lol!!!!!
    hey - you should win a Himalaya for getting that correct!!!!
  11. big-ol'pie birkin?
  12. Hobo birkin, hehe. Now all we need is a quilted one!
  13. We can list them:
    Mulberry Bayswatter
    Coach has a new signature version that I'd I don't know the name of...

  14. ooo i would love a himalaya!! :nuts:

    but if i had a choice id either pick the president kelly or the waffle kelly :supacool:

  15. actually i want a waffle birkin :love: