Guess who?

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  1. Who do you think made this bag? Do you think it looks designer? And guess a price that you think it's worth.
  2. Is that not Guess?
  3. maybe the G was a give-away if it is Guess, but imo, it doesn't look $$$$ to me...
  4. It's the Guess GC Diva Satchel in sage grass and is $225. Okay, what do I win! (hee hee)
  5. LOL! Yall are no fun and Im too obvious. It did look designer to me. But 225 is steep for a Guess bag! They make me think of teeny boppers. But still a cute bag IMO.
  6. I agree $225 is steep for a Guess bag; but, then again I think Abercrombie charging $200 for their jeans is ridiculous too.

    (eek - I hope I am not sounding old):shame:
  7. Guess bags are starting to get pricey but once they go on sale then omg they get so cheap.
  8. in italy guess jeans cost around 60 least it was so 2 years ago, when i bought them for my cousin.
  9. wait...when the hell did guess purses charge THAT price?