Guess Who?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I will let everyone guess and then let you all

    When you all find out it will be HARD TO BELIEVE:nuts:
  2. That 2nd pic looks soooo familiar!!! I'm thinking....howsabout a little hint?
  3. lol...model turned entrepreneur
  4. :confused1: Martha Stewart?
  5. lol martha hahahah
  6. haha it does look alot like martha !
  7. Martha Stewart!!!!
  8. That is Martha Stewart! She looks a little like Kate Moss in the 2nd pic!
  9. Oh WOW!!!:shocked: She looks stunning!
  10. She looks beautyful~!
  11. Funny, I thought it was Misha Barton. I think I remember reading somewhere that Martha started out as a model.
  12. hehe it is Martha, I was shocked when I saw the pic. You ladies are good!
  13. ME TOO!! I was like wait a second... lol it can't be.

    Wow! I had no idea that Martha was a model before. Look how different life has changed for her!
  14. She was a model she was younger and lived in Paris.
  15. WOW, i would have never guessed!! she looks great in the 2nd pic!!