Guess Who? She Walks Her Pooch In Heels, Makeup & Mini Dress ?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I hate her skin tight dresses! She looks so great in all the other pics!
  3. love her dog! Such a cutie!
  4. mariah's a diva for sure, but i love her voice & her love for her poochie :love:
  5. She is something else, but she can sing!
  6. ha! I thought it was going to be Paris Hilton!
  7. I hate to admit it but she is so girly it's hot! LOL
  8. I thought it would be Paris, too! Love her doggie!
  9. Ahh.. definitely guessed MC, and I was right ! :yes:

    I love Jack, he's so cute !
  10. Can you imagine how spoiled that dog is? :lol: He's adorable and I'm sure he deserves it!:P
  11. Mariah brings on the drama, you gotta love it! :lol:
  12. Poor Mimi. She so has issues but I LOVE HER!
  13. cute dog.. but not mariah.. but yes, she can sing..
  14. My first guess was MC too. :lol:
  15. hmmmmm... I think she ONLY wear heels because she's short?!?!? I think she might had said that in her segment of mtv's "cribs".
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