Guess who just got engaged? Damn Skippy, its ME!

  1. Me and my boyfriend decided to go to Starbucks since it was a nice night out. When we got there, I sat down and he ordered our regular drink. When he came up to the table he said, "one grande ristretto caramel macchiato with one diamond ring." Holy crap. I didn't know that such a thing existed on the menu. He then asked me to marry him and the rest, as you say, is history :biggrin:

  2. Best wishes! I'm happy for you! Gorgeous ring!
  3. Congrats, beautiful ring!!!!!!
  4. Awww, congrats!!! :love:
  5. Awww! Congratulations! The ring is beautiful!!!
  6. Congratulations on your engagement! What a beautiful ring. Did you know he was going to pop the question or was it a complete surprise?
  7. Beautiful ring! Congratulations!!!!
  8. congratulations!!! were you totally surprised and choked up?
    was the starbucks in on it?? lol
    it's a beautiful ring... :love:
  9. It was a surprise. When he said 'and a diamond ring' at the end I was confused but then he showed me the ring and I was like all giddy like a girl of twenty three. Haha :biggrin:

    Thanks for the warm comments. They make me feel all fuzzy inside. :smile:
  10. holy geez. the summer heat makes my fingers look like sausages :sad: haha
  11. holy moly! that ring is gorgeous, girl! congratulations!!! that's so sweet and unexpected! :smile:

    totally off topic--but i love your avatar! the pillsbury doughboy is too cute. :smile:
  12. congrats!!
    That ring is gorgeous...
  13. awww cute..Congrats! and that ring is so beautiful!
  14. congrats, what a beautiful ring! :heart:
  15. Gorgeous ring!! I love how he proposed =)
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