Guess who I've infected with the LV bug..

  1. ...My dearest hubby!!! :nuts:

    He was looking around on his forums and saw a member with the Epi pocket agenda and he liked it!!! :wtf: Needless to say, he now has one, in blue! I still can't believe he has an LV! :roflmfao:

    So please welcome his new pocket agenda cum wallet:

    We now have a growing blue family!!!
    Here's the agenda with his older sis, my Indigo Small agenda

    Family pic
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. whoohooo on getting your dh into lv! so much easier for you- though he might try to spend your lv money on himself now! lol

    epi myrtille is my fave color! i have 3 myrtille pieces!

    ot- but can i ask you how much the azur speedy is- i was looking for it today and the price is not on elux. thanks!
  3. Looks great, way to go DH! Congrats! : )
  4. That's great that DH is into LV now. Love the azur speedy.
  5. Wooowoo!! Your blue family is so adorable LOL it actually is a blue family in more ways than one. Gorgeous piece, congrats on getting him into LV :biggrin:
  6. awww... That makes a perfect couple!
  7. Looks great!!! congrats to your DH..
  8. Congrats! Great job....i need to get my BF on one of those forum w/member post their LV too!
  9. congrats to hubby! My Dh loves LV ties...
  10. Thanks Michelle, bullshopper and mew!!! I'm so happy I got him into it!:yahoo:

    hlfinn, the Azur Speedy was $595 :yes: It's a 25 btw! I got it off elux when they had it in stock! So this is myrtille! I wasn't sure which blue it was :p
  11. Thanks Pink, Nita, Classic Chic & ILOVEPURSES!!! :love:
  12. Lol nice! My dad got into LV after he saw the men's those are the only accessories he'll use! :lol:
  13. How cute!!! What a HOT color!

    Congrats, frannita's DH! ;)
  14. LOL congrats to your hubby!
  15. That's dangerous. Now he knows how much they cost. :yahoo: