Guess who is getting LV for her Birthday!

  1. Ok, so this is my first post here. My girlfriend visits this place so I was just wondering if she would catch on to this :whistle:

    Her birthday is coming up next month so what better way to make her happy than to give her LV right? :yes: She has mentioned how you like guessing games, so here is one for you to ponder untill I give it to her :p I'm thinking of buying her something else too so keep an eye out for it if I decide to.

    (I'm not quite sure if the photo will come up?)

    - Oh yes it worked! I'm pretty excited about this, wonder if she will even see this thread? I'd also like to thank this forum as it has helped me learn quite a bit about her favorite brand too. :happydance:
  2. A Speedy 25 ? ... Just waiting lol :popcorn:
  3. what is it!!!
  4. Cold on that one Raphael :s

    No doubt she is going to start nagging me about giving her her present a little early so it will probably be revealed quite soon I guess :lol:

    courtneyh: I can't give it away before I give it to her! Or can I.... let's see if she even notices it first!
  5. when are you giving her the gift!!!!
  6. I can't give away her birthdate... But maybe if she sees this, and can guess what it is... :yahoo:
  7. :whistle: we shall just wait and see!!!
  8. :popcorn:
  9. Oh man... the SUSPENSE!!!
  10. oh~~~next month? That's a long wait to see the pics....but happy birthday to ur gf in advance.
  11. no we dont like guessing games! lol
  12. taps fingers....
  13. ahhh!!~ im so curious to know what it is!
  14. Not sure if we really like the teasing wait game though...

    Congrats anyway! What a thoughtful bf you are! Hope she catches on quick here...:shrugs:
  15. Do we have to wait until next month to see?