Guess who I saw at the Rodeo Drive Chanel?

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  1. It was exciting to see Victoria Beckham at the Rodeo Drive Chanel today around 5:30 pm today. :yahoo:Too bad I couldn't get a picture. She was buying clothes and scarves. I didn't see her pick any bags yet. I left before she was done shopping. I think she was probably there until the store is closed.
  2. That's cool :smile:
  3. wow :nuts:
  4. wow.. was she carrying a Chanel bag?
  5. Wow! Victoria Beckham! :biggrin:
  6. thats kewl ^^ dus she look as skinny in real life or skinnier then photos :P I tihnk photos normally make u look fatter
  7. Very cool!
  8. yes, she is very skinny in person, gorgeous body. she was wearing a white top and pink skirt with black belt. she had on cute strappy shoes too. i didn't see what bag she was carrying. she may have set it down.
  9. Fun!
  10. exciting!
  11. Did she still have that stern look on her face or was she smiling at least??
  13. Wow! That must be exciting! Do you see lots of celebs? DB and I took a trip to L.A. last summer. Didn't see anyone. :+( We even had lunch @ the Ivy twice!
  14. cool
  15. exciting!