Guess who I met today!!!

  1. Lovehermes!! And not only is she amazing and a total sweetheart, but she was wearing the most fabulous 30cm black clemence birkin! We went to Somerset in Troy, MI and drooled over the bags in the Hermes department at NM! Of course, no Kellys or Birkins (well, one black kelly with the 2 zippers, but that doesn't count).

    I can't wait to do it again!:flowers:
  2. That sounds really fun!!! We should really try to have more gatherings!
  3. Yay! Today, I also met firstclass1 (she normally posts in Balenciaga) and we talked about our love for handbags. She also said how she had several Kellys and Birkins before and sold some already including a never used toile/barenia 30cm Birkin.
  4. :shame: OH how nice of you to say that Jag!! You are the sweetest person to start a thread like that!:tender: We had so much fun and I met her one year old gorgeous son who has such a nice smile and wears the cutest clothes!! He's such a flirt!;)
    I wish Hermes would open a Boutique in Michigan!!
  5. LaVan- so exciting! Firstclass1 is a sweetheart! I post over in balenciaga too, and she is quite the b-bag expert! and collector for that matter!!!

    Lovehermes- my son had a blast! I know he is a shameless flirt- but thank you for putting up with us! Must do it again soon!

    And I only wish Hermes opened a boutique here- of course, that would be my DH's worst nightmare! LOL!!!!
  6. WOW!! How exciting for all of you. I love reading about PF meetings, they are so much fun. Maybe one day I will get to meet a fellow PF member too.
  7. jag - Yeah, Firstclass1 was such a sweetheart. She was so nice and friendly. We had a lot of laughs during our lunch meeting.
  8. I'm so happy more and more PF members are getting a chance to meet in person. I hope to meet a fellow PF member sometime soon!
  9. it does sound nice. but i think i would die of shyness.
  10. Congrats on meeting!! Isn't it the best?? Meeting someone who loves bags as much as you do....and chatting and chatting and not getting tired of it?? LOL!! When Traci and I met we both agreed - we couldn't do this with any of our "other" friends - it's a very special thing!
  11. lovehermes, Im so glad you got to meet one of my very best PF pals Jag! She is truely the sweetest!! Im so glad you girls had such a fabulous time!! Get pics next time ~K~? We would all love too share in the fun!!
  12. I promise next time MFT!!! Wish you could have joined us!
  13. OMG! Meeting a fellow PFr is so GREAT! I promise you, HiHeels you wouldn't feel shy for one second! We wouldn't LET you!!!! In fact on my annual NYC visit I'm hoping to get together with a few fellow PFr's and I'm hoping you're one of them! :flowers:
  14. Jag, You betcha:yes: Would have loved to have been there girl!:heart: :P:upsidedown: :heart:
  15. Yeah! I hope to meet you both at the Midwest PF meeting.