Guess Who Has A New Sienna???....Her BFF Jessie!!

  1. :yahoo:Hoooo boy! Was this ever impulse shopping, if I must say so! So now, python embossed Jessie has a new girlfriend.....flower embossed Sienna! Deal was too good to pass up, and phooey again on that hateful purseban! She was listed for $274 at Off Fifth.......I think that was a pretty good deal. And, yes, I'm one of those people who can't sit still for 3 seconds. As soon as I got her out in the parking lot, I changed her out for my bag of the day, right out of the trunk of my car!! She needed fresh air, anyway! I'm soo excited because I think the Siennas will be hard to come by in a little while. :yahoo:
    Sienna.JPG Best Friends.JPG
  2. Serene....except for the very first picture, which I just think was taken at a funky angle, that looks exactly like the bag I just got at Off Fifth today for $274. I think it is authentic! Leather looks good and substantial, and the embossing looks really defined. Plus, the color seems to be right on!
  3. That's great Rose! :tup: I love my Sienna. Such a great size and super functional. I hope you love yours.
  4. Yeah, love that Sienna! Great group shot with Jessie!!!
  5. Yes, Jessie and Sienna look very happy together. But they need a big sis . . . Jillian!!! :graucho:
  6. Congrats Rose! I absolutely adore this bag! I've always wanted one but since I already have an orange Sienna, I couldn't justifying making this purchase. I've always been tempted though. :yes: Great deal!
  7. What a lovely pair they make.

    And I switched bags right in the store one time, so don't feel odd. I bet we all do that. *s

    Great bags.
  8. Ha! Ha! This is what true addiction is all about! All of you are soo great!!! But I'll dream and live through everybody's Jillian purchases until December. I think I can be strong. I have to be strong. Strong. Yes.
  9. Congrats--these are gorgeous bags!!