Guess who got their first LV peice...for FREE!!!

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  1. boyfriend!! ahhahaha...

    we were going out lastnight and he was getting ready and switching stuff from his everday wallet, to a money clip that he just uses when he goes out (less bulky), and his money clip broke. He was kinda upset, and me being the super-girlfriend, offered to lend him my damier cles that I had in my bag. I didn't think he'd go for it (I was actually just being nice) and to my surprise he said okay, I'll use it...LOL..

    and now he won't give it back to me...LOL...and ironically, he got that for me for CHRISTMAS!!! I don't think he's gonna get away with it for free...he might compensate me with a new outfit + dinner or something (there's nothing I really want from LV right now) yeah..

    All throughout the night he was like "OMG..this is grreat! I love this!" :roflmfao: and he even asked, "do they have a suhali cles?" ahhahaha....

    oh man..I hope I didn't create a monster....
  2. :roflmfao: LOL!! That's a great story. Looks like you just might have created a monster!! :P
  3. How funny, Jill! There's also a money clip available from LV if you want to get your Cles back. LOL. It's silver and very durable (DH has one) there's also one made of leather.

  4. oh gosh, I hope not! Otherwise, we'll never buy a house..LOL

    I should check that out! Thanks Michelle! I'm not really worried about the cles though...I found the damier ebony too masculine for me, I'll probably just replace it with the new vernis amarante cles when it comes out :graucho:. I really like vernis accessories..LOL.
  5. Lol! Bless him just wait he will be on TPF now when your not around ;)
  6. OMG that is hysterical!!!
  7. aww hahaha thats the cutest story every! your bf sounds like a total sweetheart haha
  8. lol..yeah he's a big goof ball! Does the darnest and sweetest things for wonder I stuck around for 5 :tup:

    when that happens, I know I'm in BIIIIIIIIIIIIG trouble :nogood:!
  9. Awwww....looks like you've created an LV monster!
  10. Cute story Jill. I don't know, he might want to hold on to your cles..:shrugs:and possibly replace it with another LV piece you want:P.
  11. haha, that's great!! :biggrin: glad he likes it and hopefully he will figure out a way to repay you!
  12. Hahhah, the cles is sure functionable!
  13. Cute story Jill! LOL, I can think of LOTS of nice ways he can repay you!!
  14. That's cute! I would say, no problem, just replace it with something else!
  15. that's so cute.