Guess who got the yucky marron bag?

  1. I must be crazy. :shocked:

    I got the conclusion 06 marron and 06 truffle are not the color I want: 06 marron is too black for me and I have seen weird truffles. So I pressed the bid now button on a 2004 marron City with filthy handles. No one overbid me. I won. :shocked:

    Here's what I'll do. I've been riding horses and I know how to clean a saddle. This bag is going to have to prove she's worth her price. She will get the shock treatment: saddle soap and a brush. She'll have to be a man, you see. Let's see if she has guts.

    Wish me good luck ladies, for I really intend to clean the sh* out of it. :shocked: Hope I won't regret spending those 800 $... :shocked: I am crazy. I am nuts. I am worried about what I just did. :oh:
  2. it was item 260001005792. At least the seller seems to know what she's doing.
  3. Wow congrats! I don't think you are crazy, the bag is beautiful (appart from the handles of course but that's a minor problem) Good luck with the cleaning and let us know how it goes!
  4. You're not crazy at all! Marron is such a beautiful colour and I'm sure you'll be able to do something to clean the handles
  5. It is a very beautiful colour! Good luck with the cleaning.

    I wish you well,

  6. congratulation to your new purchase! it is not yucky at all. it is still a beauty but just need some tender loving care. please post "after" pictures for us.:biggrin:
  7. Looking forward to before and after pics! Good luck! (Love your story..."be a man"...LOL)
  8. LOL! You tell it well:smile:) Congrats on winning the 04 Marron and good luck with the cleaning.
  9. I think I do need luck, so let's cross fingers.

    I need to go buy saddle soap. Oh, well , my boyfriend already thinks I have lost my mind anyway... :rolleyes:

    There will definitely be pictures!!!! Stay tuned!!!
  10. Congrats on your purchase! It is a lovely color. Can't wait to see your "after" pics!
  11. You know what- you will fix the handles!!! If you can't do it yourself then take her to a good repair place! There have been recommendations on the PF in the past!

    Congrats! It is a beautiful bag and the leather is awesome!
  12. awe, betises-girl, i'm so happy you've rescued her :yes: ...just give her a little TLC & some saddle soap & she'll be fine!!!
  13. Thanks Zacorey!!! :upsidedown: I am determined to get this solved!!! :graucho:

    I like the subtitle to your avatar, btw. My mom used to work in a department of my city's university for autistic children, so i've always had a soft spot for this issue.
  14. The color is so gorgeous on this bag, and you will be able to clean those handles, I just know it!! You go girl and let us know what happens!:heart:
  15. that's the bag i wanted to bid on!!!!! (with the dark handles). I sorta started another thread titled "is there a cure for dark handles"...there's some GREAT suggestions on that thread. Give it a try and keep us posted. CONGRATULATIONS on your win!
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