Guess who got another Noe?!

  1. ME!!!:yahoo:
    I swear to you I can NOT believe that this bag is 15 years old!!!:nuts: There is NOT ONE mark on this bag!!! Whoever owned it must have kept it in the dust bag all these years!!! I can not believe I only paid $250.00 for it!!!:jammin: I am LOVING my new Noe!!!! Here are some pics!:wlae:
  2. Woooho, 4 Noés :wlae:
  3. A tri-color!! Awesome! Irene I also have a bicolor red and black noe but it the opposite of yours :love:
  4. Wow, it looks unbelievably good for a 15 year old, congrats!
  5. Congrats!!!! :yahoo: Great colors!
  6. :nuts: the deal of the year! what a great price for such a beauty:love: congrats!
  7. Wow! Go Irene! lol! :yahoo:
    The bag is gorgeous, i'm lovin the colours! It looks FAB in the tri-colour
    :heart: Loves It! :heart:
    Thanx for posting!
  8. Aaaahhhh! Congrats!:yahoo: I'm really loving these Epi Noes.
  9. Wow Irene!! It's great looking!! It looks so new!! Congrats and enjoy your new Noe!!!
  10. it's GORGEOUS!!! so vintage :yahoo:
    u're my speedy & petit noe idol irene :love:
  11. Although I'm not a fan of the Noe for myself, it's a nice bag on others and that red and black one looks awesome!
  12. Way to go Irene!:yahoo: What a great deal you got! It's gorgeous!!:love:
  13. pretty, congrats!
  14. I cant believe your new noe it 15 years old!! It looks like its in great condition, congrats!
  15. Whoa - you are on a role with the Noe! That is a fantastic price for a bag in such good condition. Congrats!