Guess who got a Rouge Theatre city.....? PICS

  1. It had to happen and here it is :graucho:

    I will try taking a much better model pic since this one makes the bag look washed out and pale.

    Its definitely what I call a RED red bag.
    DSC04184.jpg DSC04194.jpg DSC04186.jpg DSC04175.jpg DSC04254.jpg
  2. congrats!!!

    It looks gorgeous on you :heart:
  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
  4. My absolute fav red!!! Cograts!!
  5. CONGRATS!! I have a rouge theatre city too - the color is just tdf I think!
  6. Yayyy, Karen you look fantastic with it as always. :tup:Red suits you just right.:yahoo:
  7. Gorgeous and it looks perfect on you! Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. ooohhh a 2005 black city and now a RT!! am soo jealous!!!!
  9. Congrats and :drool::drool:!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one gorgeous red bbag!
  10. Congrats, karenb, I LOVE it. Such a gorgeous red, looks great on you!
  11. Isn't RT great? I just got mine, and I'm in loooove :heart:

    Karenab, you've been adding some real gems to your collection! can't wait to see a family pic ;)
  12. Love you new RT, Karenab!:love: You look fab as always wearing it, too!:tender: Congrats!:yes:
  13. Congrats Karenab ... it looks gorgeous on you as usual! It's a gorgeous red ... I still regret not buying a rouge theatre city when it was still in the stores!:noggin:
  14. Thank you although I have to say that I've sold some already so what I have now is:

    Vert Gazon Giant Day
    Sandstone Giant Work

    Black 05 Day
    Black 05 City
    (RT 05 City)
  15. OMG, Karen, RT!!!!!!!!!

    It looks absolutely stunning on you:drool: I WANT!!!!!!

    Now you're making me re-consider getting Tomato. Maybe I should wait for a darker red to come out....