Guess who got a LE 07 Magenta city? PICS >>>

  1. I have been looking for gorgeously saturated LE magenta for a while now. I did NOT want a paler coloured one.

    This one is AMAZING and brand new. This is the *bay shot of it since I have to take my own pics in natural light:


    And here are shots on me until I take shots like it is above during the day. (excuse dog bone in the back!)
  2. LOVE the color and the leather. Well done!
  3. whOOo Hot DaNg!!! Thats ONe Gorgeous MAGENTA!!! & I'm normally not a pinkish girl t:huh:!... but that city is soooo saturated.... You found a kEePER!:tup:

    You're on a ROLL' Karen.. cOngrats!!! :nuts:
  4. Wow girl! The leather on that looks GREAT~ Congrats on your New Magenta!!
  5. A couple more shots (heck, this is one occasion when the mod pics come first. lol!)


    These three total mod shots capture the colour really well (plus the day light eBay picture). Its a very hard colour to capture correctly without it comming out straight pink. It has a beautiful purple hue to it):
  6. Congrats Karen.:yahoo: You look fab in those outfits. :tup:Now if i could only find mine.:sad:
  7. Congrats! I love it!
  8. gorgeous bag, and I always love your modeling pics! Especially love that sequined skirt- so fun!! That whole outfit is adorable- you look fab as always!
  9. Ooh...congrats! It's so nice and saturated!
  10. I am not a pink bag girl either!!

    I only got this one because its such a rich fuschia purple (instead of a pinky bag). :tup:
  11. Thanks Sunny!!
  13. VAVAVAVOOOOOM!!!!:tup::woohoo: Fabulous, Karen!!! You are rockin' that bag, girlfriend!!!!;):yes:
  14. Wow-Gorgeous! I am sooo liking the LE magenta lately. It has such a nice amount of purple in it. And of course Karenab, you look fantastic! I always enjoy seeing your pics! Congrats!!
  15. Karenab~ LOVE THOSE leggings! If you don't mind me asking, who makes them?? They are super hot~ and what a great outfit with your new mag!