Guess who got 3 new bags?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. ME!!! of course... sorry ladies and gents its been awhile since a i posted... but! i have recently purchased 3 new bags.... i have one in hand already and the other 2 i need to pick up.... i will take pics of them all at once.... but lets start playing the guessing game=)
  2. Hikau!! Where have you been???? 3 bags, huh? One I bet is a Nomade something???? More hints!!
  3. one of them has to be MC
  4. MC or NOMADE.

    maybe a manhattan?
  5. remember im a guy! i mean obviously i would buy womens stuff but they are all men and one is unisex.... ummm and they are new on the website...=)
  6. no nomade
  7. Bosphore!!!!
  8. yep one bag is a bosphore... but what?!
  9. OMG if you got the Manhattan I will scream!

  10. Messenger PM!!!!
  11. \
    no manhattan although i love it... the other two bags are EXTREMELY limited but i did get an ivan which is the man-manhattan hehe
  12. Cabas Vail Blanket:nuts:
  13. hm..... :yes: sooo thats 2 bags u guys guessed right... but still what bosphore did i get?
  14. ^^ I said Messenger PM?
  15. OMG :yahoo: What color:nuts: ??!!!
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