Guess which Balenciaga Leather Cuff is the real thing?

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  1. Below are pictures of two Balenciaga leather cuffs. One is authentic and the other is very questionable. But to be fair to the seller of the questionable one, I am not saying which one was bought from BalNY. Can anyone guess or tell which is the REAL McCoy? :confused1:

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  2. is the black the REAL one!!
  3. Agree with voofy, is the black one the real thing?
  4. The BLACK one is authentic. The notches on the back of the red hardware are too wide and not long enough.
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    Black was bought at BalNY!!

    The buckles are the wrong shape on the red cuff, and the overall shape is a little off.

    What's interesting, though, is that I double checked a photo of my LE holiday cuff (bought at BalLV), and the decorative buckle is facing away from the functional buckle, just like the red cuff. That's how it was sold to me, but obviously it would be easy to slip the strap out and change the directionality of the cuff.
  6. scary they are faking bracelets..

    I have one of these in black, and soon to be 3 in the triple wrap style.

    Luckily I got them all directly from Bal, which I'll be able to provide receipts if I decide to sell.

    It's getting so bad, we may not be able to tell the difference before too long!!
  7. I'd say the blaack one is authentic. . .
  8. they are pretty darn close It is scary. Does the seller of the fake know that it wasn't authentic?

  9. She is still saying that her cuff is authentic so I can't be sure if she really knows.
  10. Here is another clue. First pic, check out the serial #. On the second picture, the direction of the buckles - I tried to change mine but it is impossible because the studs and buckle cannot go through the little slit on the strap. Unless you force it thru and that way will completely destroy the beautiful bracelet.

    So, a few more guesses and I promise to reveal in the next hour or two. Thanks for your patience.

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  11. I don't own any bracelets, but here are some photos members bought from the department stores. I searched the forum and quickly found two bracelets. They show the decorative buckle is pointing to the same direction with the poupre bracelet:



    This means which direction it points to is not a factor to determin its authenticity.
  12. Wow, they look really close to me. The rivets are different, but I don't think the red one is fake.

    How are we certain the red one is fake...? I hope we're not basing it solely on the fact that the buckle is facing the wrong way?
  13. Thanks everyone for posting. The authentic one is the POUPRE IMHO. I bought this cuff from a seller I trusted and have dealt with before and I know she sells only authentic Balenciagas. She told me that she bought it from BalNY. Anyway, these are my findings after I have thoroughly inspected both cuffs side by side plus taking some close up photos.

    1. Soon after I received the black cuff, I felt that there was something off about the leather and I also noticed the direction where the buckle was facing. They were the exact opposite. So I checked all the pictures that had on the bracelet and decided that they were all facing in the same direction as the POUPRE. So seeing this convinced me that the POUPRE was the authentic one. It is really impossible to switch it around without ruining the bracelet.

    2. In the process of taking close up pictures and magnifying certain parts, I found that the serial #s are NOT the same. Very subtle difference but it is there.

    Black # is 225 277 480199 . M (it is very hard to read)
    Red # is 225 277 481099 . S (letter at the end is the size or the cuff)

    So unless there is a different serial # for a Black Cuff - I am leaning towards the Black being questionable. I am not ready to say that the Black one is FAKE but it certainly is looking that way. I have asked ehemelay to please check the serial # on her HOLIDAY bracelet but we won’t find out until she gets back from her trip. If there is anybody else out there who has a Balenciaga bracelet, maybe they can check the serial # (it is directly under the buckle) and post it on this thread. It would greatly help resolve this uncertainty.

    So, if my hunch is correct, it is definitely a SCARY world out there!
  14. I have small black one bought from Selfridge's London. The buckle is facing the same way as the red. The 2nd set of number is also 481099 ( Did i just see 480199 for M?).
  15. It is seriously scary.