Guess What's On!!!!

  1. cottonpouch.jpg cottonslimtote.jpg
  2. ^^ ahh i heart Macy's F&F! ^^
  3. Yea! Thank you SO much for posting this!
  4. Wow, I hadn't checked their site this morning.
    Thank you for posting.
  5. :yahoo: :yahoo: SWEET!!!

    Thanks Purse-O-Nality!!
  6. I don't understand why you can't buy coach online w/the discount..............that's so lame!!
  7. omg they have the denim wristlet too!!!!! aaaargh! why oh why doesn't my macy's sell Coach?!?!
  8. Ooh thanks for posting this. Wish we could use F&F online.
  9. MAKE SURE that you write down the SCU from the website before you go. I was just at King of Prussia Plaza and they did not have out any cotton signature stuff.

    I wanted the patent ergo but left with nothing. The patent is not on their website today either (I tried to get it with my PDA)...

    They need the sku if it's not in the store. They claim they can't look it up even if you have Coach's item #...
  10. Thanks for the info the cotton legacy tote is TDF!!
  11. isn't showing me any numbers except the style number. :confused1:
  12. They had the book in the store. The book had skus of what they had in their store only. I can't recall if they had the pages on the signature in there today.
  13. yeah online doesn't have skus, maybe try calling in the order and asking them for skus.
  14. Hi guys!

    The Sku number for the medium Cotton Carly is 884830203608. Go and order your bag asap.
    Good luck.

    kind regards,