Guess whats here ??

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  1. Ahh!! So I went to the Post Office yesterday, and they said she wasn't here yet. So I went back today and here she issss.. I've been waiting for her for like 2 weeks now[ crap with paypal and then shipping ] Well anywho.. its my.....
    :heart: Black Epi Speedy 35 !! :heart:
    Hope you all enjoy as much as I do. Its my first Louis bag:yahoo: . .
    P.S.- Sorry about the crappy Sidekick pics! :tdown:


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  2. Congrats!!! I know how the excitement after waiting.... She's really beautiful and epi speedy 35 is not that big as I thought!!!! Enjoy your new baby!!!:tup:
  3. congrats...i love your avatar by the way.
  4. Thanks ^^ ! It hurt :P
  5. And no Sally- She's not as big as I thought either !
  6. Black Epi is so gorgeous! Congrats. :smile:
  7. Thanks John ;)
  8. u look good in that girlllll. congrats!
  9. THANK YOU!!! :heart::love:
  10. It looks perfect for you! I love the black Epi, too.
  11. So pretty!
    Congrats on your new LV
  12. very nice, great choice for a first LV ... congrats!
  13. congrats on the first LV!!! it's beautiful
  14. Thanks all :tup:
  15. Congrats! Epi is a great choice!