Guess What's At the Coach Outlet Now?

  1. I just went in to the Coach outlet near us (which is always a test of my resolve), and they had lots of great stuff:

    1. Coach Holiday '06 Patchwork is out. They have the duffles, the shoulder totes, swing packs, gallery totes and top handle pouches.

    2. Novelty patchwork 06 (all the gold tones) book totes. Very pretty!

    3. I saw a few of the brown signature multi-purpose totes, a citron legacy leather shoulder bag, and a couple Hamptons leather signature carryalls---really pretty stuff!

    4. I also saw a medium belted ergo in mahogany, and there are several more brown signature bags. Also saw some great red peppled leather chelsea bags.

    Hope this helps!
  2. I also saw the patchwork at the outlet this week. Also a citron Leigh and matching wristlet. They also had quite a few ergo totes in black and camel.
  3. is any of those bags (citron leigh) at a discounted price?
  4. Yes, how much were the citron items? Dang, my outlet is 4 hours away.
  5. Why can't there be a coach outlet near meeeeee!! D:<<<<<<
  6. Ditto^:crybaby:
  7. I saw a citron legacy shoulder bag and a citron legacy shoulder flap..both were marked about $50 off MSRP and an additional 20% off.
  8. The black ergo totes were 30% off and looked like they were in great condition. They had lots of beautiful stuff there....

    I ALMOST bought a gorgeous embossed leather satchel but resisted. It was $320 instead of $498, but it had a few dings.

    I may still get one during the next PCE but decided to wait for now.
  9. The Leigh was sitting behind the counter, on hold for somebody , so I didn't get to see the price. I did see a LOT of boxes waiting to be unpacked. So maybe new things are coming! :idea:
  10. I really need to take a trip to the outlet, but 3 hours is soooo long with a 10 month old and a 3 year old :smile:
  11. I am so jealous! I would love a citron anything - especially in the Legacy wristlet!
  12. I was just at the coach outlet yesterday in Reading Pa, in addition to everything mentioned here they had 1 Hamptons suede plaid carryall and 1 of the black tote with the gunmetal stripe!