Guess What?

  1. So, my husband and I found out today that we're having TWINS in April - not the one baby we've been anticipating! I was all prepared to put a Vienna Mizi on layaway and now I'm not so sure if I should because I don't know if I'll get to wear it very often with two little ones slobbering on me for at least a year (not to mention my 2-year-old).

    So my question is...what bags SHOULD I look at?

    I'm contemplating a Highbury because it is fairly roomy and sits on the shoulder, thus keeping my hands more free. As it stands, 60% of my LVs are handheld bags.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Wow congrats on the twins...I would still be in shock....bag for twins....ahhhh...something with a lot of room, I would think.
  3. Congrats Jazzybelle! I would definitely be looking for a shoulder bag since your hands are definitely going to be full.
  4. Congrats For the Twins!!! I'm so happy for you!:party:
  5. oooooo congrats!!!!!
  6. Wow!! Congrats on TWINS! How exciting. I bet you were shocked. How far along are you? Will you find out the sex? We have 4 girls, ages: 4, 5.5, 8, and 9.5.

    I'm sure about the bag. I really like my Mezzo. It's big, but it holds EVERYTHING! =)

    Let us know what you decide, and CONGRATS!!
  7. My mother has a Highbury and she said it's the most useful bag she ever owned. But bearing in mind her kids are all full-grown adults who are no longer dribbling everywhere, I don't know how that helps? But CONGRATS! Twins! Double the excitement (and work) ;)
  8. Congrats on the TWINS!! Very exciting- sounds like a busy year ahead of you!!
  9. Blessed twice over, congrats!:smile:
  10. Congrats on the twins! :flowers:
  11. Congrats with twins! Aww, how exciting!

    Unfortunately, I don't really know what to recommend...cabas mezzo? That's my ultimate dream bag right now....too bad it's too expensive for me at the moment...
  12. :nuts: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:I would look for something in damier and def. a shoulder bag!!!:yes:
  13. oooh all hands full... Congrats, though...:flowers::flowers:

    Highbury is nice. What about a Mezzo?
  14. :nuts: TWINS! Congrats!!!!:yahoo:MMmm....what about the Bosphore backpack?:sweatdrop: I know it's not a shoulder bag but IMO with 3 little ones I guess it's a good idea to have a hands free bag plus it can carry heaps.
  15. Oh wow! Congratulations on the great news! Double blessings! Ummm...agreed on the mezzo..if not maybe damier chelsea?

    BUT..the vienna mizi is TDF...u can still get that but not for use with the kids?!