Guess What?!?!

  1. Sorry about the wait but i have been busy.... but I GOT THE JOB! im gonna be working at the LV in the Saks in Boston! I pretty much got recruited to work there while i was shopping! I found out last week and i am starting this coming saturday. sooo goodbye Lacoste and hello Louis Vuitton! Also while i was picking up my handbook i picked up the snowflake pins tooo they are soooo cute! i love my store manager... she was like u probably dont need product knowledge since u know so much already and said i can probably teach the other associates a thing or two... haha i was sooo flattered... here are the pics of the pins! (sorry my digicam is still broken sooo i had to use my cell again!)

  2. congratulations! i didn't know that there's a LV counter in the Saks in boston! how did i miss that? is that the Saks in copley place?
  3. well the saks in the prudential(its connected to copley) they just opened yesterday! its a new store and its gorgeous!
  4. oh WOW! :nuts: congrats!!:flowers: :heart: and i am so jealous!!!:graucho: :love:
  5. congratulations! i don't think i could work for LV.... i'd go nuts! :nuts: and my paycheque will go right back to the company every month :shame:
  6. Hikau - CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: :flowers: I totally bet you're going to have a blast... I wish I was you so I could roll around in the Store Room!!! :nuts:
  7. yea thats probably whats going to happen to me... i mean my paychecks go there already haha!
  8. Congrats!! :smile: Your gonna have soooooooooo much fun!!
  9. Congrats ! And the snowflake pins are so cute. :yes:
  10. You're super lucky! I wish I could get a job like that, however, I'm not good with sales at all! Have fun!
  11. Wow !congratulations!!if i ever go to boston soon,i will stop there,i would like to work at a LV store when im older also,did the job require a certain age and experience?
  12. well i worked retail since i was 17(im 21 now) so thats 4 years of experience... but also i got the interview immediately because i knew the people that worked at the other store so well
  13. HIKAU!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! You are my new SA!!!!!!!!! I am coming to Boston on Oct. 7th (Saturday)!!!!!!!! Now, I will come to the LV in Saks!!!! Whoooooo hooooooo!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
  14. ahhhhh! i know im sooo excited... u can be my first real client since i know u will come back all the time=)
  15. ^^ Yay! Yay! Yay! That is sooooo awesome!!! I'm so excited for you, and to meet you!!!! Yes, I will be there as many times as I can, man!!!!