Guess What! The mini bowling has NOT been discontinued (r/o)

  1. I was just calling aroud to a bunch of stores looking for one in sapin or blueberry when I called Susan's in San Francisco and spoke to a wonderful SA named Ilesha. Anyway, they have a mini bowling in stock in vert d'eau and will be recieving some in natural, marine, apple green, french blue, and vermillion.

    She didn't know anything about the summer colors (anthracite, blue glacier, or cobalt) though.

    Anyway! Yay! I am so excited because I really like that style.
  2. Great!!!!!
  3. That is great news! The mini bowling was really starting to grow on me!

    Glad to hear there are options for the future!
  4. Not being discontinued???

  5. Thanks for the update!
  6. Will it have the GH or the original hardware? Do you have the number for Susan's? Thanks!
  7. I'm pretty sure they all have the regular hardware since the price was quoted as $1075 (gh bags are more expensive than that).

    Susans in SF: 415-922-3685 - ask for Ilesha since she was so very helpful and nice.

    I got the phone number from this wonderful resource:
    atelier.naff: Where to buy Balenciaga bags when you are in...
  8. Thanks!
  9. I have it in greige..but not sure about keeping it because i think it is too similiar to the giant brief that i've recently purchased..
    Which one should i keep?
    Greige Mini Bowling 001.jpg Bale 024.jpg
  10. The Brief.:yes:
  11. The's stunning.

  12. Def the Brief!! I just ordered the Natural GH Part-time from BalNY a few days ago--the combo of the natural leather and GH is stunning! IMO... ;)
  13. i'd say keep them both! :p Because they are honestly two different looking bags. Oh and that brief is making me like the giant hardware so much....the combination is stunning!:drool:
  14. Please PM me if you decide to sell the bowling bag.:heart:
  15. that's so funny, we were just there this wkd and they didn't have a vert d'eau in MB! they just had i think a natural.

    anyhow, i also asked about the summer colors and the gal we talked to didn't know about them either! random.