Guess what the buckles like Eugenie has become one of LV Signatures

  1. Guess What...I just bought my Eugenie wallet. I like it because there is a buckle on the front. It looks very elegant. My friend who works as an SA in LV, told me that LV is not only focus on monogram as his signature, but now the buckle has become one of LV signature also. That's why you can see most of our latest handbags there are buckles like that in the bag. Great....!!:tup:
  2. hmmm... interesting...
    in my opinion, I think the new buckles are just a variation of the S-lock which are found on LV's trunks. I don't think they're exactly LV signatures cuz they've only been around for less than a year, I think starting with the Beverlys. The Koala clasps look like MJ's own line, and not defining LV either IMO.
  3. personally i avoid buckle bags/ wallet but i agree they look gorgeous :smile:.