Guess What Slithered From The UPS Truck Today?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Python Lindsey?!!! Your avatar gave it away!
  3. ^ OMG Yes!

    Perfectly wrapped and packaged, just freaking goegeous!

  4. Gorgeous bag, Congrats.
  5. Wow! She is beautiful!
  6. Thanks! I'm soooo happy with her.
  7. Twins! Enjoy :smile:
  8. I have this one, too! Such a gorgeous bag!
  9. This bag is SO gorgeous, it makes me sigh every time I see her. Congrats! I couldn't ever get a python bag, I'd be afraid to use it. Even when I try to be careful I can't be that careful lol. Enjoy her!
  10. Beautiful; congrats!
  11. Beautiful, congratulations!
  12. I love your title! :biggrin: And such a beautiful bag, congrats!!
  13. Stunning!! Congrats & enjoy!
  14. Niiiice! Enjoy her!
  15. Thank you!
    Yay for twins!
    It doesn't seem that delicate, unlike the gold laser tossed.
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thanks, I know it's kinda cheey though, lol!
    Thank you!
    I can't wait to carry her!