Guess what showed up on my doorstep!!

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  1. Ok... I know I said no more bags until Fall 06, but I hadn't gotten a summer bag yet (the Spy, Paddy and the other b-bags were spring so they can't really count, right?!?)

    Here is my newest addition to my little B-bag family. I was a little reluctant to go with this color first, but I just love it!

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  2. :nuts:

    It's beautiful, the color is great. Gahhh, I am insanely jealous! Even moreso of your white City! I want the same bag so badly! Your B-bags are gorgeous :love:
  3. Congrats! They're beautiful! Is that the INk in the last pic?
  4. How pretty - it looks much nicer in your pictures than I had imagined. Great summer bag, but, you can wear that one year round I bet. :biggrin:

    Are you a twiggy fan?
  5. Congrats!! That is such an awsome shade of green!! Im loving your other Cities too. So beautiful!
  6. Stunning green- so perfect for Spring and come to think of it year round. Have fun!:lol:
  7. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    weeeeeee heeeeeeeee another twiggy! :love:
    wow! that green is beautiful!!!! i totally love it!!!! :love: :love:

    thanks so much for sharing...

    geez with all this talk about b-bags turning up on door steps etc... its time to do something eg/email and stick an order in! weeeeeeee heeeeeeee
  8. Is that the Emerald?
  9. :love:It's gorgeous! Is that teal? I am so jealous!!!
  10. What an awesome color! Congratulations!
  11. Thanks everyone! It is the Emerald Twiggy.

    Loganz - I would have never considered myself much of a twiggy fan until now, but I think the City is still my favorite style of B-bag. I just didn't want to get yet another city, but I think it's going to happen again and again and again!

    Cristina - There is a white city with your name on it somewhere! It is a great bag, don't give up on it!

    Pursegal - The last one is the ink. I love that color too. I can't wait to see your city when you get it in!
  12. :love: what a gorgeous color
  13. Congratulations! The emerald is really pretty :love:
  14. Congrats!!! I am seriously drooling over here! :love:Gorgeous bags!! Now I want my city in ink that much more!!!!
  15. Truly gorgeous!!'re making me want a balenciaga so bad!!