guess what showed up in my door today

  1. lovely, congrats and enjoy your new bag :smile:
  2. So pretty! Looks perfect on you too! Congrats on your first RM....
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. What a nice MAC you got there! Is it your first one? ;)
  5. i know right?;) i couldnt make up my mind at first but then, after some deep thinking, stalking and all lol.. i decided to settle on Mac perf weave.. i just thought she looks full of intricate charm compare to other macs ( my opinion at least:smile: ) im sure you will love watever RM bag you choose
  6. indeed it is :smile: im so happy to have her in my life.. and there's a strong urge to get each and all of rm bags... too bad i got no more cash left lol... ugg..rebecca minkoff bags r just soooo tempting...
  7. thanks Ms.qi:smile:
  8. i know right..Rebecca Minkoff sure know how to impress us all..thank u
  9. awww..thank you very that ur little dog? how adorable
  10. What a cute bag! Congrats on your first RM!
  11. very nice - perfect summer bag!