Guess what Saks did to me?!?!?!

  1. On Wednesday night after I saw a post about UGG Heritage boots on sale. I jumped to their webpage, ordered a pair with my size a my choice of color. I also order couple pair of jeans (TR, RR, and Humanity). My total came to 346.18 included tax.
    <tt><tt>Citizens of Humanity - 1 Kelly Big Sur Jeans @$63.90 Each
    True Religion - 1 Bobby Distressed Flared Jeans @$95.90 Each
    Rock & Republic - 1 Kassandra Classic Jeans @$86.90 Each
    UGG Australia - 1 Heritage Suede Boots @$79.90 Each
    </tt></tt>I was in heaven! I thought this is a GREATEST deal I got. :tup: An email was send to me stating that
    order has received and I should recieve by Jan. 15.
    Then I got an email last night saying that my order has been cancelled, because they could not process
    my Saks card. I called Customer Service, they said because I charged too many places.
    Basically I ordered a Chanel purse from Florida, ordered something online, and ordered a pair of shoes
    from Indianapolis. And They DID NOT called me about the charged, they just cancelled EVERYTHING.
    After I talked to them and told them to process the order, they said Everything has been sold out,
    they CAN'T sell me those items with that price! ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS??!?! :cursing:
    I was soooo made so I decided to canceled my SaksFirst card. BUT I request them to send my
    end-year bonus (around $300). THEY SAID THEY CAN'T BECAUSE I CANCELED THE CARD.
    I have spent over $8000 last year!!!! and NOW... I can't get anything back?!?!?!
    WOULDN'T THAT MADE YOU MAD?!?!?!:boxing::yucky::hysteric::cursing:

  2. YIKES...Lesson learned?
    Make sure u get your bonus card...BEFORE u cancel..They stink.I had issues with them years ago and I finally cancelled my card there too.
  3. Oh my.... I'd get on the phone to the supervisor's supervisor's supervisor. Talk to the president if you have to!
  4. Oh no! That's horrible!!! I agree, talk to someone way up there to fix this. Don't give up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. oh my....once you are hooked...

    thank you for sharing your experience.
  6. Saks really is messed up. I placed an order on the UGGs on the first day the post was on the forum. The next day it was cheaper they wouldn't give me a price adjustment, but I was able to find another pair in store so I cancelled my order from the previous day. Today I received the order that I cancelled and they gave me the wrong tracking number of my second order so I thought someone stole my package because I never received it. I called them up and finally get my real tracking number. Saks would not PA the first order and my second one is on its one so now I have two pairs of the exact same shoes and will loose my shipping money BUT I think they have to give you what you ordered b/c they did not call you its not your fault, it's also not your fault you had to order from other places b/c they do not have the product at your store.
  7. You've got to contact someone in corporate. This is bogus!
  8. I'd be livid!!!!! I agree with everyone, contact the big wigs at Saks and file a mile long complaint! They're usually supposed to put a hold on your order if they wanted to verify your recent purchases, not cancel it entirely!
  9. Totally contact someone in corporate - this is ridiculous and they should take care of it. This is so why I rarely shop at Saks - I have a cc there, but I don't use it as I can't stand their customer service - they basically have none.
  10. Thanks, ladies. I'm just soooo MAD, because I thought I got such a great deals! What I don't understand is that they want you to use their card so that you can get points, member promote(Elite, Platinum, Diamond). BUT they don't want you to use on multiple places. I mean... it MOST likely customer would purchase through several places throughout states, because Saks are all over places. I can understand they afraid of fraud, but at least they could have call me!!!! UGH....I'm gonna start shop with NM since I can save on Tax!!!
  11. I'm sorry to hear that. I'd be disappointed beyond belief. Sounds like Bloomingdale's credit card. I was thinking about getting a Saks card instead. Now I won't.
  12. gosh, that's horrible CS! i can't believe it. once lost my order (it never processed), and when i emailed them about my order, they looked into it and everything was sold out. i was sooooo upset and disappointed, but next thing i knew, i got a letter in the mail apologizing for my experience and a $100gc to make up for it. i'd write them and let them know you are upset about how everything went down. i wouldn't bother w/ live chat or their phone cs. good luck!
  13. YIKES! Yes that sucks, but I have to say from someone who just had her wallet and all CCs stolen, I'd much prefer losing out on items I did purchase when they were actually noticing an increase in activity than trying to straighten out all the fraudulent charges after the fact. Granted, in most cases, you're not responsible for those charges, but it's still a larger headache IMO to fix incorrect charges.

    Thankfully, I discovered the theft and canceled everything in time, but the damage could have been very substantial considering my work is about 2 minutes from a major mall.
  14. What happened to you, if you don't mind my asking?

    Christy2007, I suppose it's worth it to complain to a a higher up. See what they can do.