Guess what my DH got for me?!

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  1. My DH gives me endless grief about my passion for Hermes bags.. However, he came back home from a recent business trip to the US with a big orange box under his arms! (Sorry if this photo isn't properly cropped)

  2. Congrats Lucky girl! That is a gorgeous bag! Looks buttery soft! You have a very sweet husband!
  3. Thanks, JAG! Yes, he isn't too bad. It is REALLY soft that it scratches easily. I have to make sure that the bag isn't rubbing up against anything...
  4. Baby that bag- its really beautiful!!!!
  5. Tokyo, she's beautiful! I want one now!:greengrin:
  6. You should get one! Don't tell my husband, but I would have preferred the brown/orange combo. BUt I have also fallen in love with my black:heart:
  7. If you don't know already, I have an addiction to black bags. The black bags usually don't stay on the shelves in my store. So, to be frank, I've never seen this combination in person. I love that black/red combo. Those are my two favorite colors. BTW, is that water buffalo? If it is, I think you will find it very hardy.
  8. Love it...the black and red is is the brown/orange. (Don't ever say anything to your hubby though!!!!)

    I love the scarf with it...looks super!!!

    I am sure that leather is dreamy, so enjoy!
  9. Actually, although in the photo it looks like a red, the lining/twilly is more of a dark orange. I actually don't know what the leather is, but it is really soft... This bag is really feathery light!
  10. Thanks Kellybag! No, I won't say anything to my husband. This is 200% better than other business trip gifts I have received... For some reason or the other, last business trip gifts have always been from Ferragamo... Finally, he has figured out that the stuff I want are in big orange boxes!
  11. Oooh so nice!! Enjoy!
  12. Congratulations, that bag ia adorable... such a sweet DH!
  13. Wow! What a thing for me to wake up to! And what a DH you's fantastic, Tokyogirl......wear it well and often! Congratulations!!!!!

    And, from another "love black" girl, I LOVE the color!!!!!
  14. Regardless the color, it's beautiful!!:flowers:
  15. OMG it is beautiful!! :heart:3 Man I want an orange twilly so bad, I dont really know why. .