Guess what just came from FedEx?

  1. I just got my new Weslyn boots today. Ya! I love them so far. They smell so good. I took some pics for you guys.
    DSCN0774 1.JPG DSCN0775 2.JPG DSCN0776 3.JPG
  2. Oooo...those are sooo cute!!! I LOVE them!!!! Congrats!!!!
  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!!
  4. Love them! I'm 4'11 and always have a hard time with boots to fit over my calves. Do you think Weslyn has a lot of leg room?
  5. Love them!
  6. Love them. Congrats!
  7. They're gorgeous, Enjoy!!!
  8. Aww they are so cute!
  9. They're lovely! Can you advise as the fit around the calf?
  10. Wow...great boots. Love them, enjoy:yes:
  11. love it! how do these fit?
  12. Gorgeous!!
  13. Oooohhh I love these!!! They'll be so awesome for fall and winter!!!
  14. Those are reallly gorgeous! I hope they're comfy, too!
  15. Those boots, the leather.... gorgeous!