Guess what i've been up to

  1. i've been drooling over the manhattans ever since i saw uma's ad.
    i have a MJ blake bag so i couldn't justify buying another bag that looked just like it................... until now

    ladies and gentlemen, i finally got myself the manhattan gm. will post pics as soon as i get it from one of the best sellers on eBay. here's a sneak peek... hehehehehehe I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!


    my spy buy earlier this month + this manhattan = :ban:
  2. oooh... Congrats, nancypants!!! Manhattan is sooo cool. Enjoy and wear it in good health! :love::tender:
  3. congrats!
  4. Love it!
  5. i was thinking about doing a "guess what bag i got?" thread, but those always piss me off so i decided to just let the worms out.. hehehe
  6. ^Thanks for not torturing poor souls like myself! :lol:
  7. Beautiful bag! I love the Manhanttans!
  8. congratzzzzzzzzzz:yahoo:
  9. That's very pretty congratulations
  10. Thanks for sparing us the agony of guessing, lol. Love the bag! Enjoy!
  11. Beautiful!!! Such a stunning bag!
  12. OOH!! congrats! manhattan's are pretty.
  13. Congrats :yahoo: i LOVE manhattens :heart:

    i need one :crybaby:
  14. I love the patina on it! Congrats! :biggrin:
  15. Congrats!!!!!