Guess what I'm doing on Saturday

  1. Hee hee

    Its my birthday on Saturday and after picking up a few things locally I'm off up town to the New Bond Street Mulberry store with my new Alana. I'm not going to buy anything but I want to indulge my passion a little further than can be done at Bicester.

    Then I'm off out to dinner with family carrying my Mulberry Utah followed by a three day wait for my beautiful Bayswater!!!!


    Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. Yay for you!! Have a great time and Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!!

    BTW - what does the Utah look like???? What color BAyswater did you get??
  3. The Utah is a small handheld bag in khaki darwin with antique brass hardware I can't seem to find a pic online and the bayswater is Raddish Glove - yay.
  4. Yay, Happy Birthday for Saturday snorkmini, have a fabulous day.
  5. Yes, Happy Birthday and have a lovely time browsing!
  6. OOOOO !!!!!!!!!! happy Birthday sweetie,have a fab day!!! xxxxxx:heart:
  7. Indeed, the happiest of b-days!
    Enjoy and when you're grinning and having a fab time eyeing the "Mulberry candies"...think of us!
  8. Happy Birthday......Christmas and birthday lots of excuses to have so many new bags:tup::tup::tup:
  9. Happy Birthday! Can you post a picture of the Utah sometime?