guess what i was bought today?

  1. my hubby and my dad both said to me that they want to buy me somthing from louis this christmas so today my husband, my mother in law and i went into louis vuitton.
    my husband bought me the mirage musette in the burgandy and degrade bandeau
    and my dad bought for me the tivoli gm.
    ahh im so excited they're just sitting under the christmas tree winking at me.
    i think that i did rather well out of that trip. cant wait til xmas when i can give you pics.
    all this and the louis vuitton party next week, this is shaping up to be the best xmas ever!!!!!!!!:yahoo::wlae::roflmfao:
  2. OMG congratulations!! And Merry Christmas!!! What wonderful gifts :smile: can\'t wait to see pics
  3. WOW! Congratulations!

    I'm having a Louis Christmas too :heart:
  4. oh wow congrats! Those Louis boxes must look great under that tree! (or wrapped Louis boxes) ;) I'm going to give myself a Louis x-mas :yahoo:
  5. wow how i hope i'm u lol. congrats!!!!!
  6. Oh WOW~~~ bet u cant wait!!
  7. Thats awesome! What a nice husband and dad!!!! I'd love those for x-mas!!!!
  8. Whoa! What a Christmas you're going to have! Great choices!
  9. The MUSETTE is AMAZING! hopefully they leave and you can open it early for us! HAHA
  10. nice fam !
  11. Awesome, awesome! You are a lucky woman!
  12. Wow, you really did well on that trip. How many days is it until Christmas?? Congrats!!
  13. you are so lucky,because you have a lovely husband and dad!congratulations!If I were you,I am sure very excited till can't sleep!:drool:
  14. So wonderful! Congrats!
  15. OMG!!! Congrats!!