Guess what I saw at the Outlet?

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  1. A large Poppy Tartan tote! It was an obvious return, there were pen marks everywhere inside. I almost got it, but didn't think I could pull the bag off.
  2. Cool! I wouldn't mine seeing one at my outlet but I don't think I could pull it off, either! I want a tartan groovy instead.
  3. pen marks all over???

  4. Just the red interior, not the exterior.
  5. OMG on the interior...? That's TOTALLY cleanable! I'd have them knock an extra % off and take it home!
  6. oh honey, i would have been nervous to take a risk with it though ... i would have been making calls to figure out how exactly to get 'em out before i purchase!
  7. indeed...
  8. Umm why would the outlet accept a return with pen marks?
  9. that's what i was just thinking...
  10. They must not have looked too hard or asked questions!!!! I agree with the other Coachies, I would have asked for extra off!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. My husband was like "If you can get it for $100 it's yours, anything more is a waste because of the pen!" lol
  12. ^ Was it at the Lundys lane outlet? I find they don't really inspect the returns. Once I was looking at a bag, when I opened it, it had a pillowcase inside of it.
    Lundys lane had tartan groveys today in the red as well as the spotlight in pink and black tartan today.
  13. Why do you think you couldn't pull it off? I have it and it's really not loud or flashy. I have the black tote and used in fall and winter with great coats and sweaters. Not a teeny bopper look either. Had older parapros at my school compliment me on it several times. I say if any of you get the chance, you need to scoop her up!