Guess what I saw at NM today!....

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  1. So I happened to be at NM today picking out an Hermes scarf that I needed when I wandered over to the purse section. Well well well - it's sale time for the good stuff!
    None of the classic bags were on sale - but they had some cosmetic bags, small bags and WALLETS on sale!

    If you're near a NM i'd go check it out! :flowers:
  2. So, did you buy any sale items?!
  3. Beaux, which NM did you see these at? I was just at NM in San Francisco and they didn't have any wallets or cosmetics bags which is what I was looking for.
  4. I got an e-mail from NM about a sale and in new arrivals there are some BV's. Unfortunately none that I'm waiting for, but the chain hobo is there, the Julie (!), and several others.
  5. BV accessories worthy of a trip to NM?
  6. Myindulgence, I didn't see any accessories on sale and the SA's said they only had two bags on the sale table. I was really disappointed.
  7. They had pink and noce wallets (that I saw) and a purple cosmetic bag (kind of large) with a pattern on it.
  8. They had a magnolia large continental wallet and some knot bags on sale on Mich Ave
  9. ^^Oooo - I love the knots!
  10. Thanks NW....I'm actually glad to hear....saves me a trip and gives my pocketbook some relief!
  11. For those of you OC BV junkies, the NM in Fashion Island pre-sale starts tomorrow (Thursday).

    I went to peek first although someone please stop me because I got my large white Veneta and then was practically forced (! seriously!) to get my medium Cabat due to the price increase threat... within two weeks so I cannot possibly get another but I am so enamored with the anaconda tote and I heard it *may* be on sale... ooh... (one on left)
  12. ^^^Oh, no...I'm in love with the anaconda tote and if it goes on sale, I'm cooked. At least I don't live near a retailer anymore, but I wonder if the BV web site will have it on sale?
  13. Oh boy, aren't you in some serious trouble, Bunkie! :P

    And yet at the same time, that is a seriously GORGEOUS tote! :graucho:
  14. Thanks for the info Bunkie.
    Chanel & BV are killing purse lovers like us with their price increases.