Guess what I saw at Chanel in Ginza, Tokyo

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  1. Hi ladies,

    In Tokyo at the moment. Visited the gigantic Chanel store in Ginza yesterday. They have tons of Valentine flaps in different sizes and colours. Also had a pink Chevron patent WOC.

    The prices are ridiculous. And their "jumbo" is equivalent to m/l flaps.

    I found 2 flaps that are beautiful but too expensive to buy
    1. Metallic Blue Reissue in m/l that are $200 US discounted, making it come to $4000
    2. Rubber Python black classic flap, did not dare asking for the price. It's beautiful but the scales look like they will curl easily.

    Anyhow, should I get the Metallic Blue flap?
  2. Any pictures? I'd love to see the metallic blue flap!
  3. metallic blue flap sounds dreamy:tup: What did you think of patent chevron woc??
  4. ohhhhh I'd love to see the pink chevron WOC! That sounds so awesome!!!
  5. Were not allowed to take pictures. But will go back there again, for more window shopping. Will try sneaking out some snapshots, and let you girls know.

    The WOC in Pink Patent Chevron style is roomier than the classic WOC, and the PINK is TDF, so dreamy. Would get it if I did not have the silver metallic WOC.
  6. tramcaro, you are making me want to see the chevron woc in pink patent so badly now! Please, please try to take some spy pics for us :graucho:
  7. ^^^ I second that!!
  8. wow i wanna go with you! :smile: try to take spy pics!
  9. Sounds amazing! I would love to see some pics too! :graucho:
  10. Spy pics :cool:
  11. Wow. Love to see pics if u can sneak some too :P

    btw did they still have the patent valentine bags? If so what colours? Thanks!
  12. What size is m/l? I thought it was the same as jumbo!
  13. They have red patent and black valentine bags. Will try going back today and take some pictures
  14. Just came back to the hotel, exhausted. Stopped by 2 Chanel stores today, one in Ginza and the other one in Omote-sando. Took some spy pics with my camera phone, but don't have equipment to hook up to computer yet to upload, and too tired to go looking for one.

    BTW, the Ginza store sold the pink Chevron patent WOC, but I did manage to take a picture of the pink patent Chevron flap. Hopefully, DH will help find equipment to upload pictures soon.

    So many metallic bags in navy blue, silver, pink, turquoise, making me drool, also patent bags in red, black... The Omote-sandos store has a pink irredescent/metallic python flap that are roughly $7500 CAD. Would buy it if win the jackpot, as it's the most beautiful bag ever.

    Will put pictures soon! Now, need sleeppssss zzz.z...zzzz...zzzzzz
  15. thanks tramcaro! will look forward to your pictures! :smile: