guess what i received in the mail?

  1. i have just arrived back from travelling in shanghai, and guess what i found in the mail when i got back?

    a thank you note from my SA in Beijing....

    it was fully written in chinese, so it took me 1 hour to translate the letter. why is it such a hard language? LOL!

    but definitely worth it, as it was my first "thank you" note. i know its probably nothing special as lots of other people receive similar things. but its always good to feel appreciated right? :p
  2. wow what a nice SA. So what did you get from the LV in Shanghai?
  3. Wow.. that is really sweet ! :yes:
  4. yes, please share your goodies w/ us. :yes:
  5. Very sweet SA
  6. i didnt buy anything from LV shanghai because I thought I could get something from LV Beijing where my nice SA works... besides if its not available in Beijing, I can always ask for a transfer..

    Oh, and this particular SA can hold items for 2 weeks. is that normal?
  7. great SA!!~
  8. What a sweet SA.
  9. I love thank you notes from LV- the SA's are so sweet! I've gotten one after every purchase and one with the VIP Flip Book from my SA on my birthday :love:
  10. awww! thats so nice! congrats!
  11. Aww! That's so sweet!
  12. That was nice!
  13. aww how special! congrats!!!
  14. awww that's very nice of her! congrats:biggrin:
  15. Aww how sweet.