Guess what I purchased??????

  1. chain' Horsebit Medium Chain Hobo:yahoo:!

    After a couple of days bugging the crap out of Beejerry,msmelanie,and emald I said forget it I'll buy it from somewhere other than eBay.

    I went to but the off-white color one is on backorder until Sept and I just can't wait that long being I'm moving overseas and I wanted to shop as much as possible before moving.So then I went to remember Bob Ellis so I called Bill and he helped me choose a color (he tried his best) and so I opted for the beige/ebony GG.

    I'm so excited eBay was giving me a real big headache. Then I was so set on a chain' in large but thought about it and looking at the other girls photos modeling so I said with me being 5'5 to go ahead with the chain' in medium.

    Thanks to everybody that helped me out in the authenticate thread if I left your name out.I just remember bugging the crap out of the three amigos,lol.
  2. Congrats! I'm glad you finally got one!
  3. Yesssss I am too.I told DH and he said "what happed to me getting the white one".I" said don't ask,lol."

    Again thanks for all your help.I really appreciated it.
  4. You're welcome! I have the medium size and love it!
  5. congrats picsssss please! hehe
  6. :yahoo:Congrats! :yahoo:

    The chain hobo is a GREAT bag! You will :heart: it!

    Didn't we have fun looking at eBay auctions?

  7. It looks like its not too big and not too small so I believe you.It looks so gorgeous carried on the should so just the look of that alone has me sooo excited:yahoo:.
  8. The holiday is going to delay me a bit but as soon as I get it I'm posting for sure,lol.
  9. Oh man I was so confused.I was saying to myself "I hope I didn't show her this already and "wait a min I just looked at this".It was sooo confusing and frustrating.I know what I gotta do now if I want a different color in this style (Not go to ebay:cursing:).

    Thanks for helping me out ya know how anxious I was to have one.
  10. congrats!!!!
  11. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  12. congrats!
  13. Thank You!
  14. Congrats, the horsebit detail is very nice. Enjoy it!
  15. congrats!