Guess what I preordered!!! Hints: It's PATENT, It's BERRY, It's a POUCH...It's...

Jun 3, 2006
Austin, Texas
. (did that so you couldn't read the little popup for the thread lol)

ZOE!!!! Yes, the Zoe Patent top handle pouch in BERRY!!!


I like the Zoe's but I don't want to spend so much money or one...nor do I want a really big Zoe b/c I'm don't like them enough to get a big one...but I do like to have a little of everything if I can!

And funny story...when I called to ask if they could order it for me the SA on the phone asked, "is this melanie?" :wtf: I was like yes lol...gosh, they know me too, its the SA i have had problems with...she didn't come out until I was close to leaving so she could see my Jenny...

ahhh...doesn't matter...she knows I'm a good Coach customer :P

Oh...and I picked up something for my RAOK buddy...just waiting for the last goodies to come in and it's shipped out!!!

so yippee :tup:


Aug 12, 2007
:woohoo:Melanie, you can join the zoe club. Looking forward to the pics when you get your berry zoe pouch. :tup: