Guess what I ordered and got for Spring!!

  1. Hey everyone.... JUST got back from the COACH store to check out their spring collection, and I have to say the pictures don't do justice, IRL they are gorgeous! I love all of them, I want them all! haha... Well I had my eye on the Heritage stripe tote in white... I looked online, the medium bag was the only bag they had there... I have to admit, I have a chelsea satchel in black/gray and I love it, but its still a little bit small since it seems the more bigger of a bag I get the more I find to put in it... well the heritage satchel at the COACH store was cute, BUT it was smaller than the chelsea satchel... they have the XL Heritage stripe satchel online in the red, and I had to ask if it came in the white, and IT DOES!! So, one of the SA got another SA's Heritage Stripe Satchel in the Red to show me the difference in the sizes between the medium and the XL, and I have to say, the XL is TDF!!!:heart::love: ITS PERFECT! The only thing, the XL satchel is only offered online, BUT I ORDERED IT!! I can't wait to get it... in the meantime though, to prepare for my arrival I got this.... isn't it SO CUTE!! ughh... LOVE COACH!!!

  2. Love the flower/ladybug fob! I have the heart locket w/ladybug and I love it! Can't wait for pics of the satchel.
  3. So cute !!!
  4. I love this!!! I want one!!!
  5. So cute, I am browsing through the webstite now, they have so many cute things.
  6. I am going to Coach tomorrow to see the new things IRL. I just got a new set today but here I go again, HELP!!!
    Congrats on your new purchases
  7. Thanks nutz4purses... I can't wait to get my satchel! I'm going to be thinking about it every hour on the hour until I get it! I'll post pics when I get it!! :drool:
  8. Oh I love the satchels too! I hope you love yours and make sure you post tons of pics when you get it! Khaki and white is so fresh!!!!
  9. Congrats!!!! I can't wait to see pics when you get it!!!!
  10. I hope you like the XL satchel. There were at least two of us that ordered them early and returned them.

    Which color combo did you choose? Can't wait to see your modeling pics and first impressions!

  11. AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to see your Heritage Stripe Satchel!! The fob is super cute!!
  12. coachfreak, what do you mean there were at least two of you who ordered them and returned them? what did you find wrong w/it? i have seen it IRL since one of the SA's had the red/khaki bag, so I actually held it and looked at it in the mirror with it and I loved the red but figured i would get more use and it would go with more outfits if i got the khaki/white... I love the bag itself, I hope I will have the same feeling once I get it... coachfreak, now you got me worried.... :crybaby:
  13. Don't worry. You saw it IRL (albeit a different color). The others ordered it without seeing it IRL (if I remember correctly). I am SURE you will STILL love it when you get it :yes:
  14. Cute fob!! Can't wait to see the satchel too......I saw the medium at Macy's today and it was kinda cute but I think I like the XL better.
  15. Well I'm sure I'll love it even more when I get it, I already loved the red/khaki, but i wanted the white/khaki cuz it will go with WAY more... I'll post pics as soon as I pick it up! :yahoo: