Guess what I just made?

  1. Reeses peanut butter cups! Yummy but oh so sweet. I had two and feel gross.
    I got the recipe out of one of those top secret recipe books. They were pretty big as I used a regular muffin tin. Anyone ever try those recipes? This was the second time making these. The only other recipe I tried from here was a burger king whopper.
  2. MMM, reeses. This sounds so good.
  3. Yummy! I love peanut butter and chocolate! What is the name of the recipe book? I'll have to look for it. On second thought - I might get as big as a house, so maybe I shouldn't get it...
  4. Mmm, anything with chocolate and peanut butter works for me ...

    I got the recipe to Cinnabons off the internet, they are TDF!
  5. Oh my, those things are just too evil to consider making. I bet they were worth it!
  6. Cinnabons? Yum! Does the frosting taste the same as theirs?
  7. MMmm recipe please.... I would love one now...
  8. Yum... Reeses are so goooooooooood
  9. Just found a website when I googled top secret recipes. Only mine called for 1/3 rather than 1/2 conf. sugar. First time I made them had no problem getting out of tins. this time was harder. Any problems, pm me. good luck!
  10. Yum Yum Yum !!
  11. Sounds so yummy!!!
  12. this is torture! no recipe, no pics...were salivating over here! :sweatdrop:
  13. Pics?! hehe
  14. I agreeee! Post some pics and/ or the recipe, you tease! :p
  15. MUST have recipe!!! Sounds delish!