Guess what I just did...

  1. :angel:

    After all the debate over the scarf, I decided that a scarf is pretty much useless to me, except to decorate my bag or, on occasion, put in my hair (rarely)


    I ordered the Wapity.

    I figured that it was just the more "practical" item...


    AND THEN I ordered the Vernis Cles in Framboise/Rasberry!! :yahoo:

    I couldn't help it.
    It's LATE, I'm not thinking clearly...I'm browsing elux and that cles has been sitting in my cart ALL DAY.
    When I went back to look at it, the color wasn't even available again...I think I had the last rasberry in my cart! LOL.
    I took it as a sign.

    Besides, I just picked up my new car tonight.
    Unlike my old car, the alarm and all the buttons are on a seperate box as opposed to right on the key...I need SOMETHING to house my new car keys and that silly box with all the damn switches, no?! :shame:


    Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!! :P

    I really need to get away from this forum.
    It's evil.
  2. Happy Birthday! Wow! A cles and wapity! Can't wait until you get them...then you must post pics!
  3. sratsey YOU GO!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Congrats to you on getting fun and beautiful LVs!!! Post pix when you get them!!!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :flowers:
  4. you did get the last one. i had it in my cart too (still do), but now it says out of stock. cute buy :P
  5. Happy Birthday! :flowers:

    Good choices!! I have been wanting a Wapity myself. And YAY! For the last Raspberry cles; the color is just so beautiful. :love:

    Can't wait to see pictures.
  6. yay! congrats! you have done us purse addicts all proud by buying both! =D
  7. you totally deserve all your new things!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***hugs*** congrats on the new LV pieces and the car!!! beep beep!
  8. congrats and happy bday! new car, wapity AND to top it off like a cherry on top - a framboise cles! oh happy day indeed!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Great bday gifts! :smile:
  10. Congrats, and Happy Birthday! Love both pieces! I got a Wapity a few weeks ago and got a red cles yesterday.:love:
  11. YAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy them both!!!
  12. Good choices!

    I tihink that you'll love the wapity. I use mine much more than I thought I would!!
  13. great purchases!! Enjoy!! Happy Birthday!
  14. Congrats and happy birthday!
  15. We wish you a happy birthday,we wish you a happy birthday.......:heart: :heart: :kiss: A birthday flower for you...:flowers: :flowers: