guess what i just did...

i can't believe it...i made an agreement with my husband to not buy a new bag for a year in exchange for getting a bag that i love...well, i just ordered the prada gauffre with a braided leather handle and a cross body detachable's the most expensive bag i've ever owned (am waiting to get it and then decide if i feel too guilty to keep it!!!)...but that means no bags for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!! have any of you ever made that kind of deal?!?!?!
would love some feedback!


Mar 18, 2006
Wow- that's quite a commitment! But if you love the bag and will get lots of use out of it, I'd say it's completely worth it!


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
Wow!! You can do it (I have and currently am!!) :smile: Congratulations on the new bag ;)

I didn't refrain because of a deal - only because I ain't got no monayyyyy! lol


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
I think I would have rather made the deal, did the time..LOL, then bought the bag. Kinda like a huge reward. I'm suppose to be on a semi ban (only buying bags with what money I have in paypal from selling bags) and then I get my Gryson in the Fall. I am just not sure I am going to want it by then. And I am so worried that I will not like it once I get it.

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
Ooooh it's a beautiful bag, good luck! I couldn't do it, but I'm weak.

Lexie, I like your system! Hope your Gryson is beautiful when you get it.
Jun 16, 2006
Yes I have...everytime I buy a new bag! First I'll talk him into it and then as my finger hovers above the send payment button....he'll say no more purses for the rest of the year! And then I agree...until I see something else :smile:As you can see, my purse ban has been temporarily put on hold at the moment. I have a really hard time with commitment.
Jun 16, 2006
I think it is a splendid idea. I think we should get more pleasure and use out of our handbags, instead of flitting from one romance to the next. It is exhausting! Enjoy your seriously fabulous handbag.
I so agree! I'm striving to get to that place.
Mar 5, 2006
Hmmm....I wonder if I could do it? I am not sure. If I found the right dream bag it would definitely be an incentive.I do think it is a great idea though. I am thinking of just enjoying the bags that I have right now and giving them the wear they deserve. It does seem like when a new bag comes in the others get shelved for a while. I am going to give this one some thought. Keep us posted

ms p

so blessed
Jan 9, 2007
lol i'm on a worse self impose ban than u (see my ticker :biggrin:). i tell myself i've not use much of my current bags and so it's only right to use them more before i commit to another new bag. i do hope i can make it :yes:

Kathy K

Feb 24, 2006
Sunny Florida
I make deals like that all the time. Fortunately, my darling husband has zero memory (he couldn't tell you what he had for breakfast this morning), so the deals never last long. Recently, I bought a Balenciaga, and told my husband I would sell some of my other purses to pay for it. I have now almost kept that deal, but my husband has clearly forgotten about it because he is asking me what new bag I'm going to buy with my ebay money. I dearly love that man!:heart: