Guess what I got!

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  1. I have a new addition to my Chanel family. Here's a hint ... it's ultra soft, a beautiful but subtle logo bag, gorgeous hardware and my most expensive bag to date (which makes it my last bag for a long time). :idea:

    ... and I promise this will be my one and only box guessing game. I promised myself I'd never do this.


  2. well....
  3. [​IMG]
  4. :love: Sharpei tote. Retail $3399.95

  5. [​IMG]
  6. Closer look at the material and hardware.

  7. I couldn't wait to wear this one. I popped on some skinny jeans, sweater and brown riding boots. Too cute! I also like the two inside snaps. I was curious on the closure.

    Any recommendations on what I should put on the bag to protect it from damage?
  8. :love:beautiful, congrats !
  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous bag! Enjoy!
  10. :yahoo:you've founded it!!! Beautiful!!! Congrats what an amazing bag, indeed!
    I have the same one and i dont use ANYTHING on the leather.BUT I dont take it out in bad weather!
  12. Oooh it is beautiful!
  13. beautiful!luv it!
  14. she's so pretty...Congrats!
  15. That's hot!!!!