Guess what I got today!!!

  1. So a friend mailed me her PCE card this morning that I planned on using this Saturday after it came in the mail. I planned on buying either the Leigh or the Legacy signature satchel bag and my dad gave me money to buy my mom the leather legacy satchel for christmas so I went in today to put her bag on hold til Saturday so I could the PCE and the SA tells me that they have some PCE cards in the store already so I can get the bags today if I liked. :yahoo:Woohoo!! So after I did about 5 mental cartwheels(I was getting antsy waiting til Saturday) I started trying to decide which bag to get. Well after about an hour I decided to get the Legacy shoulder bag in chocolate and the hamptons leather signature carryall in the parchment/saddle. Modeling pics of the carryall to come(they had to order the Legacy) Unfortunately the hubby is making me wait til Christmas to use them since they're my presents so under tree they will go. My SA was a total enabler(but it is her job so I won't hold it against her:p) YaY for me!! Today was a good day.
  2. That's so nice of your SA! Congrats on your "early" purchases. Can't wait to see the modeling pix!
  3. pics pics pics:popcorn:
  4. I want to see pics.
  5. What a nice surprise! Can't wait to see pics.
  6. yay! Can't wait to see pics!!!! :graucho:
  7. Congrats!
  8. very cool.... i love it when the SA's are kind like that.
  9. That's awesome! Great choices too!! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. Congrats!! The waiting is going to be tough though!!
  11. And here it is! So when I took her out to take the picture and show DH he mad a not so pretty face...kind of like :confused1:. He's not to keen on the color combo, which kind of saddens me because it took a lot out of him to be okay with spending this much money so I wanted him to like what I got. Oh well :shrugs: I still love her.

    P.S. Excuse the pjs please:smile:
    1129072302.jpg 1129072303a.jpg
  12. The bag looks great on you and what a fun surprise for the SA to let you use your PCE coupon early!
  13. Great choices.....congrats!!
  14. congrats!!!!!!!!
  15. Beautiful bag!! It looks gorgeous on you!!