Guess what I got??? (pics!)

  1. OK, I won't tease! I got the Azur Zippy Wallet! Thanks to everyone who enabled me! I have posted pics below, along with my mini pochette since it is sold out everywhere and I never really celebrated getting it. I stole Mr. Gold's suggestion of putting an agenda inside; I bought a tiny little agenda refill. (Why not? It was $16 CAD.) The second photo shows how it fits in the wallet. I swear the wallet can even fit my phone! The organizer was sold out in Azur, plus it was beyond massive!
    zippy wallet little.jpg agenda in zippy little.jpg
  2. :yahoo: congrats!!!!!! i have the damier zippy and it holds EVERYTHING!!!! i love this wallet so much...your going to love it tooo!!!!!
  3. ^^ very nice :smile: congrat's on such a nice wallet.
  4. great idea! congrats! love both azurs :smile:
  5. Love it! Congrats and thanks for the photos!
  6. BEAUTIFUL wallet.
  7. Lovely, congrats!
  8. Great purchased! They're both BEAUTIFUL! The wallet looks so roomy!
  9. great wallet. congrats!
  10. Wow gorgeous wallet! And it does hold a lot. congrats!
  11. Congrats on the cute Azur zippy!
  12. congrats!
  13. Congrats - they're lovely together ! :yes:
  14. pretty!
  15. congRAtsss...theY both lOok soo cute!!