Guess what I got in the mail today..

  1. My first invitation to the holiday shopping event!!! It's at International Mall in Tampa on Dec. 14th, anyone else going? I just happen to have some B-day money to spend (around $400) what should I look for and will there be anything new around that time?
  2. What is special about it? Is it private? Are they having any specials besides a sale because they do not have sales?
  3. No sales, but the invitation says "Celebrate the holiday season at Louis Vuitton's Winter Wonderland private shopping event. Champagne reception 6-8 pm RSVP
  4. i'd get the vernis ludlow wallet in pomme because that's what i am getting, haha! have fun and happy birthday!!!
  5. ^^ Aww, thanks and enjoy your new ludlow.
  6. Kool! I got invited to a Christmas party at Saks too, but I can't go bc I have to work :sad:. I was thinking of a way to not work. Enjoy yourself. I love International mall. The LV boutique are way bigger than mine (orlando). They're so tiny and around the corner, Gucci is even bigger than our store. Weird! Anyways, you should get an agenda or one of those new LV trunk wallet. Have fun & Happy Bday!
  7. how bout get a pochette and a bandeau
    285 + 120= 405
  8. Yay, have fun! I'm sure you'll find something to buy ... how about some inclusion bracelets? The grey is very pretty!
  9. I just got an invitation today too! For the LV Store at Stanford for December 14! But I'll be on the East Coast seeing Clay Aiken on tour for his Christmas in the Heartland tour! Ah, two loves... Clay wins this time!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. I got one for the Denver store next Weds. Unfortunately, I'm starting a new job tomorrow & doubt they'd appreciate me flying off to Denver to attend a cocktail party during my first week on the job.
    I'm thinking I may need to phone them today to buy myself a consolation prize
  12. Thanks, just when I thought they didn't like me anymore they send me an invite. A few months ago I was at the LV in Orlando and bought the T&B agenda and a mono 6 key holder. Maybe I'll look at the inclusions or get another cles- a girl can't have to many right?
  13. Have fun!!!
  14. Thanks, I was thinking about the inclusions. I was wondering how the rings fit because I don't have skinny fingers at all. Maybe I'll go for it and get a damier speedy, I don't have anything in Damier yet.
  15. Great idea, thanks! I would love to find a mirage bandeau.