Guess what I got in PARIS!!!*pict*

  1. Clue : it's yummy !!!
    I had a great experience at the Galeries Lafayette LV shop where everyone was so nice and polite....Love the feeling when you walk out the shop with the magic brown bag, and see everybody in the streets looking at it with envy thinking "lucky girl, what can it be ??"
    Well your turn to guess !!:p
    LV1.jpg LV2.jpg
  2. Someting with rivets?
  3. Congrats!
  4. Birth of Luxury?

    Hurry up!! Please :smile:
  5. wow you guys are fast !!!
    you're still cold :smile:
  6. Something in azur?
  7. non non non.....
  8. It's yummy, but is it Le Fab?
  9. come-on!
  10. I, much smaller
    -ooouu love doing this....-
  11. "yummy"

    pomme d'amour?
  12. ^YES !!!!!! Here is the YUMMY clue :
  13. ^YES !!!!!! Here is the YUMMY clue :
  14. a NIMBUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dunno, i think yummy...clouds...mashmellows, i like marshmellows, yummy...

    lol..nvm me *waits for the reveal!* :heart:
  15. :popcorn: