Guess what I got? hahaha!!

  1. I initailly ordered a soft n chain....(even though a lot of ppl voted for a navy blue jumbo)
    When it came it has no chanel box and there were some scratches..( I think it was a display model..) so I returned it....:sad:

    But I ordered a Navy blue jumbo in patent..Hahaha!!!
    It is very beautiful~~

    THank you for your help..

    I am so happy:yahoo::tup::graucho:~~
    10-25-07 027.jpg 10-25-07 051.jpg 10-25-07 049.jpg
  2. Very nice. Sorry to hear that the soft & chain didn't work out for you.
  3. Congrats, she a beauty.
  4. Love the patent, congrats!
  5. nice jumbo!!!
  6. I love that navy patent flap, what a great choice :tup:
  7. Congrats, she is beautiful!
  8. Love your replacement! :tup: Sorry about the soft and chain. Oh I just recall ... are you the one with the 5(?) month old baby and wanted a lambskin but worried about having to pamper it?
  9. blue patent flap is gorgeous!!!!
  10. i love mine too! we're jumbo twins now ;) i am still trying to find the right outfit to go with my new baby!
  11. wow thats gorgeous!
  12. Do you remember me? hahaha~~:smile:
    Yes..that was me!!
    Thank you for your complimentary~~
    I love my navy jumbo...:tup:

  13. i am trying to find the right outfit to go with my new baby, too~~:p
  14. Sooooo pretty, congrats!
  15. Beautiful!!!