Guess what I got from store today?

  1. hehehe:heart:
  2. This is fun!:yahoo:
  3. a little bit more...
  4. a bit more
  5. lockit!
  6. Lot's of new things today...this is great!! Tivoli???
  7. You got it! :nuts:
  8. ooooh...can't wait to see!:popcorn:
  9. I LOVE IT!!!! :drool: congrats.
  10. niiice! congrats!!!!
  11. WOW...Congratulations!!!! I had an epiphany today...I must get this bag!!
  12. This is my new baby - Tivoli PM!!! Finally got it after 4 months of waiting!

    I went to Beverly Center today around 4pm, the store was SOooooo crowded. They only put Tivoli GM on the shelf 'coz they said all PMs have been held for preorders (and I'm one of them :roflmfao:), PM is out of stock! *WOW*

    I checked out both GM and PM, I found GM is very nice but a LITTLE bit too big & saggy to me. Personally I like smaller bags more :heart:
  13. Very nice... Lucky you, congrat's and enjoy!!!
  14. ooo, it's lovely, congrats!
  15. and sorry for the blurry modeling pic!

    (I'm 5' 3-1/2" with big 38" butt:girlsigh:)